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The Little Things


Print Sizes:

  • 12×16″ on Paper
  • 18×24″ on Paper (Original piece size)

Giclee print on archival matte paper, 230g, 0.24mm thick. Can be framed or hung with poster hangers.

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Originally inspired by a Big Gigantic song called The Little Things, this odd collage reminds me to be available to feel and fully experience all the little things that make up living. You’ll notice that certain animals, art-nouveau-esqu line work, and portraits are some of my favorite subjects to depict. 

There are a few of my pieces that people will ask, ‘is it finished?” and this is one of them. Though I usually have the main subject of a design fully formed in my mind with reference photos and colors, I rarely start a piece knowing what the entire work will look like at the end. I keep going until the piece tells me it’s done– it sounds strange, but most art ‘paints itself’ until it’s finished. Usually, a lack of color or unfinished lines are meant to draw attention to what is there. 

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Dimensions N/A

12×16" on Paper, 18×24" on Paper


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