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Print Sizes:

  • 12×16″ on Paper
  • 18×24″ on Paper (Original piece size)

Giclee print on archival matte paper, 230g, 0.24mm thick. Can be framed or hung with poster hangers.

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Painting tigers is so soothing. I’ve always loved the mix of power, intensity, and fluid grace that they represent. I named this one Prometheus as a nod to the Greek myth: That the god Prometheus brought fire to mortals, bringing with him the gifts of creativity, warmth, knowledge, civilisation, and destruction all in one.

That myth is a reminder to me that we each have the power and responsibility of creation, maintenance, and destruction in our lives – in every conversation and action. Are our words creating the environment we want? Have we taken full responsibility for the power we have to create or destroy? Like an apex predator, our individual power becomes beautiful when we own it and wield it with a sense of awe and respect.

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12×16" on Paper, 18×24" on Paper


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