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This is a self-portrait. 🙂

It was the second oil painting I ever did, completed in college for a self-portrait assignment. I had a photo of me in exactly this jacket doing this dance move, and I improvised the rest.

I love this piece too much to sell the original. It lives in my bedroom and anchors in easy feelings of power with lightness, pleasure with confidence, and fun with authenticity.

I’ve used art as a visual anchor to feelings and mindsets for years, and I’ve done commissioned visualization pieces for friends that remind them of where they’re going and what they believe about themselves. 

That’s what this piece does for me. I didn’t feel very powerful when I made it… I still struggled with anxiety, people pleasing, and perfectionism. But within a few years of finishing it, I became this person full-time.

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12×15" on Canvas, 24×30" on Canvas, 24×30" on Paper


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